About the Artist

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Artist's Statement

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution our species has been systematically severing its roots to the earth, our natural habitat and the wellspring of our life and spirit. I find that spending time outdoors, becoming familiar with local habitats, flowers and animals, photographing them and depicting them in watercolor and oil paint helps me to feel at one with my source as well as, hopefully, sharing that feeling with others who never have had time or interest in the wild places left to us or the creatures that inhabit them. I wish my art to change the widely-held perception that 'man-made' objects and pursuits are the only reality. Much of the angst and alienation in our culture, especially among young people may be caused by this severing of our roots and reliance on indoor man-made pursuits instead of spending time outdoors in the natural world that served to lift the spirits of the generations before us.


My paintings attempt to present Nature in such an intriguing and magical way that people who see my work will be inspired to visit, respect and support the remaining wild places. I find that in doing my paintings: earlier naturalistic renderings of birds, trees and flowers and lately, combining wild natural images with some human and graphic elements, I better understand how we are one with our environment and am just beginning to see new and exciting ways of presenting these ideas.


I work mostly in watercolor, with occasional forays into colored pencil, pastel and oil. Watercolor has a certain brilliance that works well painting natural subjects as well as being non-toxic and less messy than oil but I want to work larger, which means more work in oils in the future.


2012                     American Watercolor Society Exhibition, NYC

2011                     DSWPS River Gallery exhibition, Chelsea, MI

2011                     Paint America Top 100

2011                      MWCS Annual exhibition 

2010                        Michigan Watercolor Society Annual, Forum for Prints, Drawings                                                                        and Photographs, DIA Award

2010                        Michigan Fine Art Competition, BBAC

2009                        Detroit Society Women Painters & Sculptors Annual                                                                   Gloria Goeddeke Award

2009                        Best of Show, Warren Art in the Park

2008                        White House Michigan Christmas Ornament

2008                        Watercolor USA, Springfield Museum of Art

2008                        Michigan Watercolor Society Annual Show

2008                        Michigan Annual XXXIV Exhibition

2007                        U of M Dearborn Open Competition 2007

2007                        Michigan Annual XXXIII Exhibition

2007                        Solo Exhibition Renaissance Unity, Warren, Michigan

2007                        Michigan Watercolor Society Annual Show

2006                        1st Place Kubinski Art Competition, Orchard Lake, Michigan

2006                        Birmingham Community House ‘Our Town' Silver Award

2006                        Michigan Watercolor Society Annual Show

2006                        Solo Exhibition Renaissance Unity, Warren, Michigan

2006                        Transparent Watercolor Society of America Annual Exhibition

                                                John C. Dioszegi Memorial Award

2005                        1st Place-- Painting, Drawing, Pen & Ink, Shelby Twp.  Art Fair                              

2005                        ‘Lure of the Local' Exhibit, River Gallery, Chelsea, Michigan

2005                        Art Supply Warehouse Cover Artist

2005                        Martin County Annual, Stuart, Fl                   

2004                        Best of Show, Grosse Ile, Michigan, Islandfest

2004                        Michigan Watercolor Society Annual Show

2004                        Art Supply Warehouse Cover Artist

2004                        Waterway Women Group Show, Juno Beach Town Hall

2003                        One-Person show, Amici's Living Room, Berkeley, MI

2003                        Michigan Watercolor Society Exhibition and Traveling Show

•2003                                    Martin County Juried Exhibition, Stuart, Florida

2003                        Waterway Women, Supreme Court Building, Tallahassee, Fl.

  2002                        Waterway Women Group Show, Profile Gallery, Stuart. Florida

•2002                                    Martin County, Florida, Artsfest -Honorable Mention

•2002                                    Michigan Watercolor Society Annual Show



    Ms. Thomas has been drawing and painting since early childhood.  This interest continued throughout her college  life where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and Fine Arts.  Her interests extended into ceramics, weaving, sculpture, jewelry, and especially batik  which she exhibited in the Ann Arbor Art Fair in the early 70’s.  In more recent years her focus has changed to photography and watercolor.        Since 1992, Marilynn and her husband have lived on their sailboat in Florida during the winters, occasionally cruising the Intracoastal Waterway and to the Bahamas.  This has given  her ample opportunity further develop her photography skills and has resulted in much material for her watercolors.         Marilynn began exhibiting her watercolors in at local and regional art fairs in 2000, receiving recognition for her work in both Michigan and Florida.